Crystal Light, character design final project, 2017-2018.


Life Drawing I & II, Drawing I & II, Design I coursework, 2016-2019. click each image for more information.

Personal projects & Commissions

Shrinking Violets (located here) was a personal webcomic project I continually created and updated on Tumblr for over a year from February 2016 til October 2017. I released daily four-panel comics featuring my original characters that eventually evolved into weekly page-length comics. I put the project on hiatus once I entered school and wanted to get more serious about improving my skills in order to start an even better webcomic project in the future.

COMMISSIONS: artwork of video game characters, portraits, a comic book commission (Matador, 30+ pages of artwork), band artwork (Manifest Electric), and commission work for NERVY young adult magazine's social media account; click each image for more information.

IN THE VALLEY OF KINGS: Internship done in concept art for MFA video game project, VR game set in Egypt. I was tasked to storyboard the Osiris myth, create hieroglyph panels of each story beat, and submit both the imagery and bump maps for the modelers to use for the game. Art and maps done in Adobe Photoshop. 2019.

Red Tape: Contract color work done for Joe Rothenberg Animation Studio on short Red Tape. I would receive finished uncolored passes and be tasked with coloring in the characters/animations by deadlines. Won Best Animated Short at the Burbank International Film Festival. Authorized to use 15sec for portfolio. Color work done in Adobe CC Animate, 2018.

I worked for The Daily Texan making comics from January 2013 to December 2014. I published black and white comics twice a week during my time at The Daily Texan, and color comics once a week. I created a few series such as Trash PlanetHey Han!Idiot Princess and Are You There Dog? along with making illustrations to accompany the articles. My comics are archived on the website and can be seen HERE. We also published an anthology of which I created a page for titled We Did It in the Basement.

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