Hannah Hadidi

E-mail: hannahadidi@gmail.com

instagram: @hannahadidi


2D Animator and Illustrator looking to expand skillset into 3D, motion graphics and graphic design. Eager to gain experience in all areas related to animation, sequential storytelling, graphic design, web design and motion graphics. My dream is to build a life that will allow me to be a freelance animator and illustrator, building up my own website of original works that coherently and accurately depict my personal artistic expression.

Education & Relevant coursework


Bachelor's of Arts in Arts, Technology and Emerging Communications - Design & Production Pathway

Graduating Fall 2020

  • Pre-Production Design I - Fall 2019

    • Improving storyboarding and composition skills

    • Basic principles and techniques for visually presenting stories and ideas

  • Lighting & Composition I - Fall 2019

    • Lighting and Composition fundamentals and techniques for use in computer generated art

    • Learning skills to create custom lighting setups and how lighting affects mood, time, and viewer perception

  • Modeling I - Summer 2019

    • Learned the foundations of Modeling in Autodesk Maya program​

    • Learned basics of texturing/shading

  • Project Management - Summer 2019

    • Learned how to use Trello for project management

    • Time management, group work skills, production process for creative work

  • Design I - Fall 2018

    • Review foundations of design ​

    • Learned how to write up a design process

    • Learned how to create creative brief for a project

    • Learned how to curate a brand and artistic statement for personal work

    • Created final project of 2 billboard designs by designated due date

      • Created the initial sketches​

      • Created the digital finalized pieces in Adobe Photoshop

      • Created powerpoint of design process and creative brief

      • Presented final project

Austin Community college

Associate's Degree of Applied Sciences - 2D Animation Specialization - Graduated Spring 2017

  • Drawing for Animation - Fall 2015

    • A figure-drawing course focused heavily on creating gesture drawings, proper proportions in drawing human figures, concept of line of action and other art skills useful for animation​

  • Character Design - Spring 2016/Spring 2018 (taken twice, for extra information/practice)

    • Learned foundations of creating characters streamlined for animation and production​

    • Created my own unique character bible complete with character, show pitch, poses, expressions and full turnaround 

  • Digital Video - Spring 2016

    • An intro motion graphics course based in Adobe AfterEffects​

    • Created a motion graphics short set to music given by instructor 

    • Created other projects from assets given by instructor in Adobe AfterEffects

  • Basic Animation - Spring 2016

    • Traditional hand-drawn 2D animation course where we did all of our projects traditionally on a lightboard​

    • Did various introductory 2D animation assignments such as ball bounce, walk cycle and character throw

    • Review of history of animation

  • Life Drawing I & II - Spring 2016 & Spring 2017

    • Beginner and advanced courses in life drawing​

    • Advanced knowledge of anatomy and bone structure of human figure

    • Frequent life drawing sessions lasting 4 hours twice a week

  • Stop Motion Animation - Summer 2016

    • A class teaching the fundamentals of stop motion animation​

    • Created 3D models for stop motion out of clay and other materials

    • Created a few shorts in stop motion

    • Worked together as a class team to produce a finished short at the end of the semester

  • 2D Animation I & II - Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

    • Taught programs Adobe Animate CC, TVPaint and ToonBoom Harmony​

    • Projects in Adobe Animate CC and TVPaint including lip syncing, walk cycles and a final project being a small animated short

  • Advanced Animation I & II - Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

    • Further coursework in TVPaint

    • Multiple animation projects including but not limited to walk cycle, animation of bird flying, lip sync animations, sport action sequence, 3/4 view run, and more (work located in animation demo reel)

  • Drawing I & II - Fall 2016 & Fall 2017

    • Art courses covering fundamentals of observational art​

    • Perspective drawing

    • Working with both monochromatic and color in various mediums

    • Final projects including perspective landscape piece and one in color featuring a surreal element 

  • Digital Animation Techniques I & II - Summer 2017 & Fall 2017

    • A class focused in ToonBoom Harmony​

    • Learned different aspects of ToonBoom such as rigging, automatic lip sync detection, and creating particle effects

    • Final projects including lip sync animated scene and particle effects project

  • Digital Animation Techniques III - Spring 2018

    • A final class designed to function as a production pipeline for an animated short​

    • Wrote the script for our final project

    • Rigged the main characters created for final project in ToonBoom Harmony

    • Animated my designated scenes assigned to me in ToonBoom Harmony

    • Revised and added content to storyboard of final project

    • Worked with class in a team environment to come together and create a finalized short in a production environment

University of Texas at Austin

English major 2012-2014

  • Intro to 2D Animation - Summer 2014

    • Created animations in Adobe Animate CC​

    • Created a stop motion short

    • Learned the principles of animation and history of animation

Adobe Suite

  • Photoshop

  • CC Animate

  • After Effects

  • Premiere

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

Microsoft Office

  • Excel

  • Word

  • Outlook

  • PowerPoint

2D Animation Software

  • Adobe CC Animate

  • TVPaint

  • ToonBoom Harmony

  • Adobe Photoshop

Other Software

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Paint tool SAI

  • AutoDesk Maya

  • Krita

  • Processing

  • Shotgun

  • Trello

2010 - present
2010 - present
Work experience

Valley of Kings MFA Project - Internship

January 2019 - May 2019

Concept Artist

  • Project management/deadlines managed through Trello

  • Completed all tasks in timely manner necessary for feedback and touchups along the way

  • Concept art of hieroglyphic art for in-game assets

  • Storyboarded Osiris myth to be translated to hieroglyphic images

  • Created bump maps and individual transparent files for hieroglyphs corresponding to answers in puzzle featured in game

  • Hieroglyphic art done in Photoshop

Edith O'Donnell Intitute of Art History

Office Assistant

September 2018-Current

  • Assisted in office administration procedures such as purchasing and filing expense reports, compiling receipt and additional expense information for employees for work such as reimbursement purchases and ordering supplies

  • Assisted in creating catalog and other marketing aspects of Carolyn Brown Retrospective photography exhibition at SPN gallery using Adobe InDesign

  • Extensive use of excel spreadsheets and word processing, organization of various office administrative documents

Joe Rothenberg Animation

Contract Colorist

September 2017-December 2017

  • Received and colored various animated scenes to color in CC Animate for short film

Austin Community College

Lab tutor

September 2016 - May 2018

  • Assisted students in 2D Animation/Motion Graphics department with any questions/issues concerning various 2D software such as TVPaint, CC Animate, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, etc

  • Supervised the computer lab for open lab periods during the semester and assisted students with work

The Daily Texan

Comics Editor (May 2014-December 2014)

January 2013 - December 2014

  •  Managed entire comics department of more than 30 artists to produce a quality comics page, worked with Managing Editor and other departments to create newspaper five nights a week, and upheld online presence

Associate Comics Editor

January 2014-May 2014

  • Closely worked with Editor to produce comics page five nights a week, collected and edited staff comics, attended budget meetings, worked with other departments to receive and assign illustration requests to artists, aided in department-wide projects such as independently published comic book of artists’ work, attending STAPLE! Independent Media Expo, and also produced my own comic strip twice a week during this time

Comics Senior Staffer

May 2013-January 2014

  • Produced two comic strips a week, provided illustration work when requested by other departments, worked closely with Editors and Senior Staff to help organize department-wide projects such as theme pages and independent publications

Comics Artist

January 2013- May 2013

  •  Produced two comic strips a week on deadline, contributed illustrations to accompany articles

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